Friday, December 2, 2011

Come Back Home


At the height of Priscilla Chan's (陳慧嫻) career, she disappeared from the Hong Kong pop industry and there were much controversy about her leave of absence. She ended up attending Boston University and, according to Priscilla she was fulfilling her promise to her parents of furthering her education. You can check out a bit of the story in my post over at Groggy Robot:

Retrospective: Thousand Songs of the Setting Sun

When she returned to CantoPop in March of 1992 with the release of her album 歸來吧 (Come Back Home), she was welcomed back with open arms. There were a couple of chart toppers in the album. As with the album title, 歸來吧 (Come Back Home) being an analog of her return to Hong Kong, the songs themselves are quite different from what people were used to coming form Priscilla. The lyrics and melodies are much more mature than her previous albums which, also reflects a "grown up" Priscilla and... did her voice change as well? It's more weathered? Definitely not deteriorated but rather, having a much more "seasoned" and "richer" timbre? The title song 歸來吧 (Come Back Home) was also a karaoke hit. Here in the states, we were just being introduced to karaoke and 歸來吧 (Come Back Home) made for a pretty impressive and challenging introduction. For some reason, I keep thinking that the album came out around December and not March. So, to share my false release date of the song 歸來吧 (Come Back Home), I invite you to have a listen with me.

The beginning of the song seemed to have been cut in this upload. The lip sync seems to be off. I don't remember if the video was originally like this or not.

This is the first time I'd seen this video.

作詞:鄭國江    作曲:陳小霞    編曲:趙增熹

月亮下 想到他
默默地 珠淚下

看流雲 不說話
寂寞吧 苦悶吧
想起當天 月明下

* 心裡的他 快歸來吧
轉載來自 魔鏡歌詞網
成功 挫敗 懶管它
悲哀因有他 快樂為有他
跟他受苦也罷 *

他知道否 我在想他
Repeat *

他呀他 那日歸家
心裡的他 快歸來吧
Ga Le Ung Ah Ga Le Ung Ah 這裡才是快樂老家
Ga Le Ung Ah Ga Le Ung Ah 這裡才是快樂老家

咖 哩 牛 腩 飯 (Curried Beef Brisket on Rice)!

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