Friday, December 9, 2011

This Winter Is Not That Cold

Winter is coming! And Jacky doesn't think it'll be that cold. It's because you live in Hong Kong Jacky!

Along with a goofy demeanor, Jacky Cheung (張學友) has got the goofiest speaking voice I'd ever heard. Surprisingly, he's one of the most talented vocalists not only in Hong Kong but in the world. Out of the Four Heavenly Kings (四大天王) of 90's CantoPop Jacky is my favorite. He has a wide vocal range which allows him to sing in what seems to be inhumanly possible keys. With this gift, Jacky didn't just settle for pop songs, he delved into different genre of music like the blues (which he did a lot of) and opera. He also did some acting and he has talent in that practice as well. You might remember him in The Swordsman (笑傲江湖) acting along side Sam Hui (許冠傑). He won a Golden Horse Award (金馬獎) for best supporting actor in that role. This was Jacky's second award in acting. His first win was a Golden Elephant Award (金像獎, equivalent of the Oscars) for best supporting actor in Wong Kar Wai's (王家衛) As Tears Go By (旺角卡門). This is pretty impressive since Jacky's main focus was singing. In his career as a vocalist, he'd won tons of music awards. So much that I can't remember most of them. Thanks to wikipedia I don't have to:
Jacky Cheung's IFPI Awards (partial list)

Jacky Cheung's album This Winter Is Not That Cold (這個冬天不太冷), named after the third track on the album, was released in December of 1994. I remember that winter in Boston being snowy and cold. I guess Jacky meant it metaphorically because the song is about being with someone you love. I guess that works. This Winter Is Not That Cold (這個冬天不太冷) was the first song that Jacky had written lyrics for. It's also written with the beginning of the raving trend in mind and to his credit, the song doesn't suck. As anyone who goes to raves or, as we like to call it here, clubbing, we know that the majority of dance music posses horrible lyrics. I heard a kickass version of This Winter Is Not That Cold (這個冬天不太冷) live at Symphony Hall in Boston when Jacky Cheung did his world tour in 1995. No other remix of the song can compare to that one live performance. I found a version on youtube that kind of comes close but, not really. The embed is down below, right under the embed of the original version of This Winter Is Not That Cold (這個冬天不太冷).

作曲:學友    填詞:陳少琪    編曲:楊振龍/王雙駿

從來的冷冬 迷濛也是凍


我與你像幻像 長長夜未冷

我與你夢著夢 長長夜未冷

濃濃這冷冬 嚴寒卻未凍
紅紅這冷冬 霓虹裡亂碰

我與你夢著夢 長長夜未冷
劇烈地 熱烈地

我與你夢著夢 長長夜未冷
劇烈地 熱烈地

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