Friday, November 25, 2011

The Days We Spent Together

This screen cap is from A Moment of Romance (天若有情) which doesn't include一起走過的日子 in the soundtrack. For some reason I keep thinking it's attached to the movie. The song fits the movie so well. Instead, the song was attached to Lung Fung Restaurant (龍鳳茶樓) and Casino Raiders 2 (至尊無上II永霸天下).

When Andy Lau's (劉德華) 一起走過的日子 (The Days We Spent Together) was released in August of 1991, it topped the Hong Kong charts over night and rapidly climbed the charts in Asia. It didn't end there, the song quickly spread throughout America and got a lot of people to sing karaoke. Back then, most people in America didn't know what Karaoke was (is it edible? Like a Carrot?). It started a craze and everyone and their mothers were singing 一起走過的日子. Literally, their mothers. The song featured a traditional Chinese instrument, the 二胡 (erhu). This traditional instrument mixed nicely with a contemporary sound which added a flavor of culture into the 90's Hong Kong Pop scene. The 二胡's (erhu) melancholic strings drew a lot of the older Chinese listeners while Andy Lau's (劉德華) star power drew the younger crowd. Andy was known for his acting abilities and was just beginning to get hot in his singing career. 一起走過的日子 not only fanned the flames of that fire, the song made Andy into more than just an idol. He was named one of the Four Heavenly Kings (四大天王) in Hong Kong. Probably the first of the Heavenly Kings and definitely the most popular of the four. Even til this day, he is a force to be reckon with. 一起走過的日子 also caught the attention of people whom had no interest in Hong Kong Pop Culture and got them listening to CantoPop. Even if you haven't heard of Andy Lau, most likely you've seen a movie that Andy had starred in or involved in someway or another. Have you ever heard of a little movie called The Departed? Matt Damon's role in The Departed is the parallel of Andy's role in the original Hong Kong version, Infernal Affairs (無間道). Where were you when 一起走過的日子 topped the charts? Did we spend those days together?

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I'm trying to come up with a story to link up these two videos. What do you think the connection could be with this video and the one on the bottom?

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This is the video I watched the most. I used to watch my friend's uncle practice this song every morning as I waited for my friend getting ready school.

作詞: 小美    作曲: 胡偉立

如何面對 曾一起走過的日子
現在剩下我獨行 如何讓心聲一一講你知
從來無人明白我 唯一你給我好日子

多少風波都願闖 只因彼此不死的目光
不可猜測總有天意 才珍惜相處的日子
道別話亦未多講 只拋低這個傷心的漢子

沉沉睡了 誰分享今生的日子
活著但是沒靈魂 才明白生死之間的意思
情濃完全明白了 才甘心披上孤獨衣

當天一起不自知 分開方知根本心極痴
只想解釋當我不智 如今想傾訴講誰知

剩下絕望舊身影 今只得千億傷心的句子
剩下絕望舊身影 今只得千億傷心的句子

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