Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Prometheus: Happy Birthday David!

I thought Prometheus' first David 8 promo video was creepy (Prometheus: More Promos!). This one gave me goosebumps. Check out Fassbender's David 8 crying without emotion at 1:20:

What is David 8's flaw? Why did Weyland Industries need to build the Bishop series? Are the androids in the Alien Series the same as the "Replicants" in Blade Runner? Is our technology there yet? I'm afraid to google it. I'm sure Japan is working on something that most likely will enslave us into the Matrix soon. Go ahead, look up "realistic robots" on youtube. I guarantee it'll creep you out.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Doctor Who: RPG

This year Doctor Who Series 7 will be delayed until Autumn. It's just seems like something is missing when there's no Doctor Who on TV in April. Don't worry though, there are bunch of Time Lord and Time Lord related stuff on the internet to tie us over. Like this fantastic animation from CollegeHumor:

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Google Maps 8-bit For NES

Google's Product Management Director, Ken Tokusei and renowned video game designer, Tetsuo Nomura (Final Fantasy X, Kingdom Hearts) introduces Google Maps' newest product, Google Maps 8-bit for the most powerful computer system ever built:

The Nintendo Entertainment System (Famicom)

Sorry Dreamcast, if you were that powerful, you wouldn't have lived such a short life. wah...wah...

Here's the link to the Trial Version:
Google Maps 8-bit

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool's: Resident Evil 2 Akuma

With an April fool's joke, EGM (Electronic Monthly Gaming) unintentionally launched the creation of Akuma (Gouki) in the Street Fighter Series back in 1992:
April Fool's: Sheng Long

A couple of years later, EGM published more secrets regarding Akuma. This time the trick was to get Akuma to show up in Resident Evil 2:

I forgot which issue and which year this April Fool's joke appeared in. Resident Evil 2 was released on January of 1998 so, I think this April Fool's trick was published in the 1998 April issue of EGM. When I searched for it on the internet, Wikipedia says other wise and no one has any information on which exact issue this appeared in.

Here's the link to the Wikipedia article:
EGM April's Fools Jokes

Later on, fans of Resident Evil 2 created an Akuma skin for the game. It's pretty cool but, he can't shoot red fireballs.