Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Doctor Who and the TARDIS: When World's Collide

When is Doctor Who Series 7 coming? WHEN?! I can't take it any longer! Actually, there was a special viewing of the first episode "Asylum of the Daleks" at the BFI Southbank in the U.K. earlier today or was it yesterday? Damn time difference! In any case, on August 14th, 2012. But when is it going to premier in the U.S.A.?! WHEN?! Wikipedia says that Series 7 will premier in the U.K. in September. But will it premier on BBCA on the same day?! And this year is the 50th Anniversary!!! Stephen Moffat has something really special planned.

Actually, the point of this post was to share the fantastic Doctor Mew artwork done by Jenny Parks and an awesome fan edited video: Doctor Who and the TARDIS: When World's Collide. I met the Doctor Mew artist, Jenny Parks, at Wizard World Chicago over the weekend and practically purchased everything from her booth. Please check out the super nice and talented Jenny Park's website:

Jenny Parks

Now, here is the awesome video. It was created to celebrate 100,000 likes on The.Doctor.Who.Tardis Facebook site:

Olympics XXX - London 2012 Nostalgia

The Summer Olympics are over! The Closing Ceremony happened on August 12th and I missed it. Not to worry, I DVR'ed it and will be watching NBC's crappy coverage when I get a chance. No need to get into NBC's unimpressive coverage here. I'm sure it's all over the internet. Like at the link below:

NBC Cuts The Who, Ray Davies, Muse From Olympics' Closing Ceremony Broadcast

For the Kate Bush Song that was cut check out this link:

Here’s the Kate Bush Song That Was Cut from the U.S. Broadcast of the London Olympics Closing Ceremony

Anyway... Yes! I think 2 days is long enough to garner a nostalgia post. Olympics XXX is in the past isn't it? What were some of the geeky things that happened during the 30th Olympiad? There were Mary Poppinses flying in to save the kids from their nightmares which had Voldemort in it:

Also, James Bond escorted the Queen to Olympics in a helicopter. And the queen sky dived into the stadium:

Mr. Bean also made an appearance:

If you're in the USA, you might have gotten some of the results of the Olympics spoiled for you before you get a chance to watch the NBC broadcast. John Stewart sympathizes:

The Daily Show Olympics Spoiler Alert

Here's something that probably wasn't spoiled for you because the networks didn't care much for this awesome geek performance of the 30th Olympiad:

Olympic Gymnast Uses Zelda Medley During Performance

My Awesome Sister is the Zelda Gymnast and Yes, She’s a Lifelong Gamer

That's not enough Olympics for you? Here's more. From Middle Earth. Hope this ties you over until Brazil 2016!