Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Friend Nick

"Pinwheel, pinwheel spinning around.
Look at my pinwheel and see what I've found."
Sometimes... half asleep... I'd catch a glimpse of a faded pinwheel. During the in-between of waking... I would hear the pinwheel spinning around... back down into the realm of the dreaming... the place where the forgotten can be found...

Come spin with me after the "JUMP!":

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Alternate 9th Doctor

Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death
Can't wait for Doctor Who to start up again? Check out Stephen Moffat's first episode of Doctor Who written for the Red Nose Day charity special. It stars Rowan Atkinson as the 9th Doctor. You might know him as Mr. Bean or Black Adder. Being a Doctor Who fan, Rowan Atkinson auditioned for the 7th Doctor and was considered. The role was later given to Sylvester McCoy. More recently, Rowan Atkinson was also considered to play the 11th Doctor after David Tenant's run. Other notable actors in this are Jonathan Pryce (Brazil, Pirates of the Caribbean) as the Master, Julia Sawalha of Absolutely Fabulous as the Companion Emma, Hugh Grant gets a small important role in this. He was another Doctor candidate. Hugh Grant was considered for the 9th Doctor along with Christopher Eccleston. All the props in the Curse of Fatal Death were borrowed from Doctor Who fans. Aired on March 12, 1999 this was a weird bridge between the Old Who and 2005's NuWho.


My memory outlet, Livejournal is not cooperating. There is a rumor going around that they had been attacked by hackers and, now they are trying to get back to speed. It's been a week and without any announcements of what's being fixed and what's still broken. Stop horsing around! A lot of bloggers on Livejournal, including myself had lost hours of unpublished work because of Livejournal glitches. It's been tough and a waste of time. My lengthy Nickelodeon article had been lost a few times. I am also working on an post about a good friend of mine, Mr. T. So, I'm giving Blogger a try. Blogging is just a way for me to vent out my output on pop-cultural, media and mostly geeky stuff that are being loaded into my head. It's also a way for me to keep a journal on all the cool (sometimes not so cool) things I had seen or experienced. So, if one day, I'd remember Doctor Who and the Curse of the Fatal Death, I can just come back to my blog and the video will be right here with all my notes, all in one place. It's a nice storage area to free up the MB's from my brain. Also...

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