Friday, August 12, 2011

Japanese Doll (日本娃娃)

Break Up Song GGR!

My friend Macdaniel Macleod:

asks a series of daily questions on Facebook.
Why? To pity the fools maybe? But that's besides the point.
One of his questions were:
"Greatest break up song ever! GGR"

My answer is after the "JUMP!":

My answer was going to be Smack My Bitch Up by Prodigy but, I thought more on it and decided to be less vindictive and more optimistic. The answer is drawn from my CantoPop collection and I believe it deserves its own GroggyBot Post:

Japanese Doll (日本娃娃) by Sam Hui (許冠傑)
Sam Hui spear headed the whole CantoPop movement in Hong Kong during 70's. His music was westernized while his lyrics were chock full of Cantonese slang which reached out to the working class and gave everyone a sense of inclusion. Even up until the late 80's and early 90's he was able to connect with the younger generation of CantoPop enthusiasts (well, I was young at that time). I like Japanese Doll (日本娃娃) because I was going after a Japanese girl when the song came out AND also for its optimism and the "everything will be ok" mentality even after Sam loses the girl, his money, and pride. "It went bad this time" but there will be other opportunities.



Hello Kon Ban Wa,
Watashi wa Hong Kong No
Matchy Desu,
Anata Wa Totemo Kawai,
實行用架文跟 Friend 下。

同佢去 Happy 跳上架 Toyota,
去晚飯直落共舞於 Casablanca,
趁高興飛身上台唱 Careless Whispers,

洗杉煲湯 Dum 骨練背脊遞茶,
實行住原宿開間 Sushi Bar。

同佢去宵夜我叫 Tempura,
佢笑住重話 Arigato Gozaimashita。

陪佢番 Lobby 企正個日本爸爸,
佢眼茂骨骨大喝聲 Nan Desuka!
個女佢今年唔夠 16 and a half

Sayonara 忍著淚說 Goodbye 啦!
Thanks Thanks Thanks Monica,

Last night at the Tokyo Dept. Store,
I spotted a Japanese doll,
Her eyes were super big,
She had a very small chin,
She kind of looks like Akina Nakamori for real,
Super cute,
Authentic Japanese,

I needed to put on my best game so
I spent a ton of money,
It was important to appear dashing , romantic and charming,
I looked so cool after putting on the purple sunglasses,
150lbs of handsome, I got this in the bag,

Hello good evening,
How are you Miss?
I am Hong Kong's Matchy,
(he's saying that he's the HK version of a Japanese pop star, Matchy Kondo)
You're very cute,
Using Japanese to friend her,

We jumped into my Toyota and went out on a Happy (a date),
We were having a lot of fun at dinner dancing to Casablanca,
I was so happy I even jumped on stage to sing Careless Whispers,
Then we strolled under the moon and I started to imagine our future,

Once I marry the Doll my whole life will change,
She'll be doing the laundry, making
soup, massages and pouring tea,
1997? I don't have to worry!
Save up some money and open a sushi Bar,

We went for a late dinner and I
ordered Tempura,
She ordered a bunch of stuff and was very satisfied,
The bill blew my savings: $395,
She giggled and said, "Thank you very much."

When we went out to the lobby we bumped into her Japanese Father,
His eyes were wide open with rage and he yelled, "What is this?!"
His daughter wasn't even 16 and a half yet this year,
He challenged me with his 10 Slice Sword technique,

Sayonara that's how you say Goodbye la!
Thanks thanks thanks Monica,
I searched my pocket and found less than a dollar,
What a bad investment, this time I crapped out!

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