Monday, August 22, 2011

Zombie March New England

Hello Youtubes!

This time on "Hello Youtubes!" I want to talk about a local Boston, MA event. There is an event that has been happening in the past 7 years in my city that I did not know about! The Zombie March has been happening for 7 years! 7 years! Being a huge zombie fan, I have no idea how I missed this the last 6 years. It's not like it's a small event. I'm talking about a huge horde of zombies. Miles of zombies and it disrupts (not complaining) the city of Boston for an entire day. I'm not talking about just one section of Boston. The march route starts from South Station. It goes through Downtown Crossing, Boston Commons, the Public Garden, Newbury St and to the Prudential. From there it goes through the Prudential Mall, back to Boston Commons and congregates at Government Center for a huge battle between the undead and the living. Miles of zombies! It's an amazing sight and loads of fun. There's no agenda or political subtext, it's just plain fun. The living dead were not the only ones marching. There were zombie hunters (Umbrella), survivors, Ghostbusters, super heroes and even Mr. T.

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It doesn't end there. Manchester, NH has a Zombie Attack a few weeks after the Boston March. This year it was raining steadily and that didn't stop the living dead from coming out. Decked out in amazing make up and outfits, the march lasted a couple of hrs. The rain only provided an eerie atmosphere. The citizens of Manchester were in good spirit despite the zombie invasion. They honked, cheered, asked for pictures and one car even blasted the Ghostbusters theme song as the NH Ghostbusters kept everything under control. This march was so much fun that plans were made for another NH March right afterwards. That resulted in...

...the past weekend (Saturday 8/20/11), the zombie horde took to the beach. Hampton Beach, NH got a dose of undead joining in on a favorite summer past time. I wonder if any of the undead got some fried clams with their brains or took the surfs. As a member of the living I recommend the fried clams at Hampton Beach and not brains. This time the Ghostbusters were absent, giving the horde free range to attack and that made for some fond memories. Even an undead Captain Jack Sparrows crawled out of the sea munching on Davey Jones' heart. If you ever get a chance, I highly recommend checking out the Zombie Marches. Walk with the horde. Take some pictures. They are bunch of fun loving zombies with no hidden agenda (the undead doesn't care for politics, they just want your brains). The make up at these events are always outstanding and superbly creative. Also, witnessing the crowd reaction is just priceless!

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