Saturday, August 27, 2011

Doctor Who Series 6 Part 2 Tonight!

"My Time Is Running Out"

Doctor Who Series 6 Part 2 will be airing on BBCA in a few hrs... well... actually, a bit more than a few hrs. Tonight, August 27, 2011 at 9pm EST. But really, who's counting? How does one kill time before "Let's Kill Hitler" premiers? You can watch the clips below or click on my "Doctor Who" tag below this post and check out the videos I have in my previous posts. Enjoy! And remember, always bring a banana to a party.

Be sure to bring one or two... and I guess you can bring a Jaffa Cake too for the Youtube videos after the "JUMP!":

Youtube Finds:

The Doctor Who Fan Orchestra reached out to the Doctor's musically inclined fans from all around the world and organized a tribute to Murray Gold's brilliant piece, "I Am The Doctor."
DWFO: "I Am the Doctor"

The Dont Blink Cat.

Dave Ross? Oh... Davros!
Doctorin' the Tardis - Doctor Who Music Video (Timelords)

1987: Big Hair, 16 Year Old David Tennant and smoking is cool or is it?
David Tennant's first TV role was a anti-smoking PSA.

Preview Videos:

Doctor Who: Series 6 Part 2 Comic Con Preview

Lead up to: "Let's Kill Hitler"
Don't watch this if you haven't watched part 1 of series 6

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