Sunday, August 14, 2011

G.I. Joe: The Movie - Liberi Fatali

Hello Youtubes!

This time for "Hello Youtubes!" I am doing a self promotion. One day while sitting around (probably grinding exp during Final Fantasy VIII) I thought, "Liberi Fatali" will work with the G.I. Joe the Movie intro!" So, I played the video along side the music and they matched up pretty well. A couple of years later, my editing savvy brother cut the 2 together and uploaded it onto Youtube. It's not only "Liberi Fatali", other music intros works well with the G.I. Joe the Movie intro. The Ren and Stimpy intro music works as well but it cuts short. "Liberi Fatali" works without any video editing because it has the same running time as the G.I. Joe the Movie intro. The Ren and Stimpy music works well with the Cowboy Bebop intro though. I guess all intro tends to have the same editing and the same kinetic pace in music. In any case, that's enough talking. Check out this collaborated creation from my brother and I.

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