Saturday, July 30, 2011


My memory outlet, Livejournal is not cooperating. There is a rumor going around that they had been attacked by hackers and, now they are trying to get back to speed. It's been a week and without any announcements of what's being fixed and what's still broken. Stop horsing around! A lot of bloggers on Livejournal, including myself had lost hours of unpublished work because of Livejournal glitches. It's been tough and a waste of time. My lengthy Nickelodeon article had been lost a few times. I am also working on an post about a good friend of mine, Mr. T. So, I'm giving Blogger a try. Blogging is just a way for me to vent out my output on pop-cultural, media and mostly geeky stuff that are being loaded into my head. It's also a way for me to keep a journal on all the cool (sometimes not so cool) things I had seen or experienced. So, if one day, I'd remember Doctor Who and the Curse of the Fatal Death, I can just come back to my blog and the video will be right here with all my notes, all in one place. It's a nice storage area to free up the MB's from my brain. Also...

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