Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool's: Resident Evil 2 Akuma

With an April fool's joke, EGM (Electronic Monthly Gaming) unintentionally launched the creation of Akuma (Gouki) in the Street Fighter Series back in 1992:
April Fool's: Sheng Long

A couple of years later, EGM published more secrets regarding Akuma. This time the trick was to get Akuma to show up in Resident Evil 2:

I forgot which issue and which year this April Fool's joke appeared in. Resident Evil 2 was released on January of 1998 so, I think this April Fool's trick was published in the 1998 April issue of EGM. When I searched for it on the internet, Wikipedia says other wise and no one has any information on which exact issue this appeared in.

Here's the link to the Wikipedia article:
EGM April's Fools Jokes

Later on, fans of Resident Evil 2 created an Akuma skin for the game. It's pretty cool but, he can't shoot red fireballs.

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