Friday, November 4, 2011

100 Possibilities

100 樣可能

The good old 90's... 1997 to be exact. When the 4 Kings reigned over Hong Kong pop and Hong Kong itself faced uncertainty as they were being handed back to China. Literally, Hong Kong was facing 100 possibilities at the time. I remember hearing this song on an AM broadcast that was organized by some MIT Asian students. As they gave me a slice of Asian culture every night for an hour. I hope I can give you a slice of Asian culture from time to time on this blog. Mostly 90's Asian culture. I don't know much of the new stuff. I'm an old man.

100 樣可能 (100 Possibilities) was first released on one of Leon Lai's (黎明) EP's in 1997. The CD or cassette tape single (MP3's were still trying to catch on) was appropriately named Leon's... Leon Lai is one of the 4 pop kings (四大天王) in Hong Kong during the 90's. He was criticized for his mediocre singing and acting abilities. I'd always find that a bit harsh. I like his music. He has a classic tone, a melancholy to his voice which gives a retro vibe. He does extremely well with some of his more bluesy songs. I'd always believe that they are sort of a throw back to the 60's and 70's era of Chinese music. There is no mistake that Leon belongs in the pantheon of Hong Kong's pop culture. With a ton of music awards and numerous nominations for his acting, you can say he is good at what he does. Even here in the U.S., you might not recognize his name or face but, if you are remotely interested in Chinese culture, most likely you'd heard his music or watched one of his movies.

I'm a little long winded and a lot nostalgic tonight. That MIT radio broadcast which ran during 11pm or was it12am? In any case, it's 12am here and I guess sometimes, with the right trigger, the past can catch up to us. Tonight's trigger is 100 樣可能 (100 Possibilities). So, step through that time tunnel with me into the late 90's and sit back, enjoy the video, the cheesy 90's morph effects and the pretty girl or the pretty Leon.

Thanks to MrAriesy


作曲:劉諾生 填詞:周耀輝 編曲:劉敦

內內外外 從來沒有過記載
自自在在 能同時向你說愛
卻分開 沒有不應該
在現在 活在後現代
我叫你 蓋上你眼蓋
將身心 超出能承受的感慨
越另外 越是後現代
不知怎麼抑制 要超過一切
記得愛得美麗 別理會慣例
轉載來自 魔鏡歌詞網
甚至令到自己 要超過一切的世人
然後 ya-ah-ya-ah....
Say You Say You Love Me
Say You Say You Love Me
Say You Say You Love Me
Say You Say You Love Me

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