Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Super Megafest 2011: Videos

Hello Youtubes!

In this very special edition of "Hello Youtubes" I'm doing a shameless plug for myself! Hello and welcome to grog1138's channel. I went to Super Megafest during the weekend of November 19th - 20th in Framingham, MA. It was an awesome time and the cosplayers who attended raised that awesomeness to the nth power! Here's a few videos I captured of:

  • The Costume Contest's early line up
  • Captain Jack Sparrows and the revolving door
  • R2D2, Kid Anakin, Kid Leia and the New Hampshire Ghostbusters.
  • The videos after the "JUMP" are of the Super Megafest concert on Saturday night. Peter Tork of the Monkees and his band Shoe Suede Blues were there that night performing their original blues and some of the Monkees' music. Sorry about the extra shaky cam. I'm new to video recording.

Hulk won the contest. I wanted Blaster to win because he's a working boombox! Check out Two Face's coin flip. He never dropped the coin once.

Super Megafest concert videos after the "JUMP!"

Again, another apology, this time for the cut offs. I need to get better battery life and bigger SD cards.

Niki Luparelli also did a really interesting version of Britney Spear's - Toxic in French. I didn't have enough memory to catch that performance but, here it is on youtube:
Niki Luparelli - Toxic

Loose Salute played Michael Nesmith music

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