Thursday, December 8, 2011

Be Streets Ahead And Save Greendale!

"Oh Annie..."

Just take a look at that face in the screen cap above (no, not Jeff's). Would you want Annie to cry? If your answer is "no," please support Greendale Community College. Rumors has it that the college will be closing its doors since the NBC show Community still hasn't gotten word yet on its return. Only half of season 3 has been aired. What will NBC do with the other half? I hope they will air it in Janaury. Help prevent Greendale from closing down. Greendale is the only college that provides education to keep their students "STREETS AHEAD!"

Now... how do we save Greendale? I haven't got a clue but, take a look at these videos below:

Here's an old Greendale commercial to show you what the College has to offer:
(that is Nathan Barnatt aka Keith Apicary with the "Slam Dunk")

Reasons why Greendale Community College should stay open. Go ahead, try and find a rebuttal for "POP! POP!"

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