Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dark Knight Rises: 6 Min Preview

"Bane! Bane! Matalo! Matalo!"
I didn't include a video of the IMAX Dark Knight Rises 6 min preview in this post.

There are a lot of doubts for the next Chris Nolan Batman movie. People don't seem to like the look of Catwoman and Bane. Some don't like the choice of Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle (Catwoman). Personally, I love the fact that I get to see more of Anne Hathaway and I think she'll be great as Catwoman. I'd always seen Catwoman as strong, flirtatious and dark. I think it wasn't until recently that she was portrayed as more of a seductress. Even if Anne Hathaway can't pull off that sex appeal, she has enough classic beauty in her to fit that old time "cat burglar" look. She kind of reminds me of Audrey Hepburn and matches up with the Adam Hughes art style. I think that's what Chris Nolan is going for. I think she's going to surprise a lot of people. Remember our discontent with Heath Ledger being the Joker before the Dark Knight preview reel was shown?

Bane! Bane! Digame? Digame?
The 6 min Dark Knight Rises preview focused on Bane (no Catwoman in it). When I saw pictures of Bane, I thought he looked pretty dumb. That was when my doubts for the Dark Knight Rises crept in. It wasn't because of the suspicion that Catwoman lacked cat ears but, it was because of Bane's face mask and outfit. Watching Bane in action blew those doubts away. I am very glad but... This is a pretty big BUT... I could hardly understand what Bane was saying even with the crisp sound system at the IMAX. Tom Hardy has an accent for Bane. I couldn't tell if it's English or if it's Bane's true South American accent. The mask muddled it pretty bad. I hope that will be fixed before the official release of the movie.

Alright, the 6 min preview. It was awesome! Before you go on reading, there are slight spoilers ahead but, it's not going to reveal much. I didn't understand much of what was going on during the preview. I'm not sure who the characters are yet with the exception of Bane and some guy named Dr. Pavel. The preview starts with Little Finger of Game of Thrones looking for Bane. He captures 3 of Bane's henchman with bags over their heads, takes them on a plane ride and threatened to throw them off the plane if they don't tell him how to find Bane. It turns out that one of the henchman is Bane. Little Finger and Bane has some dialogue while a cargo plane eclipses the smaller plane and latches on with some cables. A team from the cargo plane zip lines out onto Little Finger's plane, shoots and kills Little Finger's guards or, were they Dr. Pavel's guards? Then the cargo plane team proceeds to take apart Little Finger's plane. This looked amazing. My jaw dropped. Did Chris Nolan film this with a stunt team or was it CGi? The Dark Knight Rises poster is right, this is "Epic." Little Finger's plane is turned vertically, the tail section is cut off and a body bag is lowered. There was a blood transfusion? The preview ends with Bane kidnapping Dr. Pavel while the cables from the cargo plane is cut and Little Finger's plane crashes to the ground. Wow! That was a fast 6 min! After the prologue, there was a sizzler reel of  Dark Knight Rises. Here are the few things I remember from that reel. Catwoman in a mask (or was that just goggles) with cat ears. A hovercraft bat tumbler!!! A tank heading towards a court house. Bane and Batman facing off outside the court house. Once the preview ended it got the audience super excited. Everyone cheered and clapped. I have to admit, I was way more excited with The Dark Knight preview reel back in 2007 but, still... I CAN'T WAIT!

In the mean time, I'd attached links for the Dark Knight Rises teaser and The Dark Knight preview reel that was attached to the IMAX viewing of I AM Legend back in December 17, 2007. I don't want to include the shaky bootleg prologue of Dark Knight Rises. It's at the IMAX now and attached to a really good movie that I highly recommend, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (better than I AM Legend). If your IMAX doesn't have the 6 min preview, there are ways to get it online.

Remember back then? Before The Dark Knight came out we were doubtful? That was before Chris Nolan was more established as a director. Now, with the accomplishments of The Dark Knight and Inception, I'd say, "in Nolan we trust."

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