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The forecast for tonight and tomorrow (12/22/11-12/23/11) calls for snow. It's been a pretty warm December this season. I think the snow will just turn into rain. What are the chances for a "White Christmas" this year? Just in case there's no snow, let's get into the spirit of the season with Kelly Chen's (陳慧琳) Wind.Flower.Snow (風花雪). This song blew me away when I first heard it. It kicks off with a pretty nice guitar riff then Kelly's voice smoothly flows in:

"從認識 才信摯愛有不尋而覓
而你我卻也不遺餘力 每天都珍惜
就算半瞬一秒 全部放進記憶"

"After realization, love can't be transcribed onto paper,
Effortlessly, we're able to cherish each day,
Even every instance, every second, it's all stored in my memory,"

You can credit the poetic lyrics to Chow Lai-Mau (周禮茂). The fantastic composition was done by Mark Lui (雷頌德). Wind.Flower.Snow (風花雪) is the 2nd song on the Kelly Chen album with the same name. It was released in October, 1996 and it drove me deeper into Kelly Chen's fandom. Apparently a lot of Cantopop listeners liked it as well. It was a chart topper and is on Hong Kong's 1996 Jade Solid Gold Best Ten List (十大勁歌金曲). Even after all these years, I'm still a fan of Kelly. Also, for 15 years, I never really found out what "Wind.Flower.Snow (風花雪)" actually means. With a little research I found out that the original idiom is "Wind, Flower, Snow, Moon (風花雪月)." In classic Chinese poetry it's a combination of elements depicting a perfect, beautiful, heaven like scenery. In a more contemporary sense, the idiom is a description of romance. Both classical and contemporary ideas works with the song. Every time I do one of these posts I find out more about Chinese literature and Cantopop.

"無吝嗇 情似細雨每天簷前滴
流進你我愛海成潮汐 似生生不息
話語也永不缺 長夜與摯愛的風花雪"

"Generously, love is like steady rain, dripping down day by day,
Flowing into an amorous sea, creating waves, as if it's alive, living forever,
Words can not describe it, Long nights with my love, wind, flower, snow,"

I can never do the original Cantonese lyrics any justice. In closing, I guess I'm actually wishing everyone a beautiful and romantic Christmas. More or less a "White Christmas" but, not literally a Christmas with wind, flower and snow.

作曲: 雷頌德    填詞:周禮茂    編曲: 雷頌德

從認識 才信摯愛有不尋而覓
而你我卻也不遺餘力 每天都珍惜
就算半瞬一秒 全部放進記憶

無吝嗇 情似細雨每天簷前滴
流進你我愛海成潮汐 似生生不息
話語也永不缺 長夜與摯愛的風花雪

來一杯清風 共醉躺於天空
拿一朵鮮花 遞到我的手中

尋一顆飄雪 讓你掛於星空
求一世歲月 最美(尾)的一分鐘
你我也擁抱一起 飛蹤

曾共釋 如世界到了死亡前夕
再不急不迫 語縱也不說
長夜與摯愛的 風花雪

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