Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Twilight Zone Marathon New Year's Eve 2011

I submit to you for approval: the time is upon us once again, the end of an exhausted hour leading into the rejuvenation of a new year. What will this new clock count down to? A brighter tomorrow or the end of the world? The future is uncertain but, what is certain (for now) is that the SyFy Channel will be airing The Twilight Zone Marathon once again. The SyFy Channel's decisions are as uncanny as some of the stories in this beloved anthology series. Instead of starting at midnight on December 31st like recent years, the marathon will start at 9am (4hrs later than last year). There won't be a wrestling break this time and the marathon is scheduled until 6am January 2nd. That's actually not bad this time around for the channel for Sci-Fi that hates Sci-Fi. Even their official site is obnoxious with autoplaying ads:

I'm only linking this for info on The Twilight Zone Marathon:

Click on the link below for information on The 2012 New Year's Eve Twilight Zone Marathon:

Last year, I compiled a list of The Best and Worst of The Twilight Zone. Check it out and see if you'd agree with me:

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