Saturday, December 24, 2011

Doctor Who: Night And The Doctor

The Doctor Who 2011 Christmas Special: The Doctor, The Widow And The Wardrobe will be on BBCA, here in states, at 9pm on Christmas Day. That's a couple of hours away! In the meantime BBCA is marathoning Doctor Who episodes on certain time slots. They are showing The End of Time right now. But here on groggybot, I found a video of the Doctor's first and last night with River Song, Doctor Who: Night And The Doctor. This mini-sode is included on the Series 6 blu-ray (DVD) set. The set also includes the excellent Doctor Who: Space and Time mini-sode.

UPDATE 12/27/12
Ever since Night and the Doctor was taken down from youtube, it's been tough to find it online. Tudou's version is HD but that's if it'll load. I found Night and the Doctor on Tumblr which is a bit laggy but, it actually loads! Then there's the Dailymotion uploads, which is the best version so far. I wonder why the BBC hasn't posted it on their youtube site? Check out Night and the Doctor in the links below which includes all five nights of the Doctor (instead of just having First Night and Last Night):

Here's the Dailymotion uploads. These are the ones I recommend:

Here's Tumblr's:

Then there's Tudou's. It's in HD but a lot of times the video doesn't load. It's flipped because of copyright issues.

When I first started this post I didn't realize how much of this would be a post about Night and the Doctor. Originally it was just a post of that one video and this ident. Right now, this Christmas ident featuring David Tennant's 10th Doctor seems out of place but, I hope you still like it. There's more of David Tennant's Doctor Who idents on the BBC youtube channel:

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