Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Twilight Zone Marathon July 4th 2013

Hello TWZ fans! It's been awhile. I hope you're all doing well. SyFy will be marathoning The Twilight Zone on July 4th once again!

The marathon will start at 8am EST on July 4th with Walking Distance. Then it will conclude with Caeser and Me on July 5th at 5:30am. Below is a link to the TWZ Marathon's schedule on the SyFy Channel.

The Twilight Zone Marathon July 4th 2013 schedule on SyFy: schedule July 4, 2013

I am in no way promoting the SyFy Channel. The regulars on this blog knows how I hate the changes made to the network especially with the many commercial breaks during the TWZ Marathon and most sacrileges of all, cutting out scenes. So, if you have another way to marathon The Twilight Zone, I suggest the alternative. Netflix has the first two seasons on instant.

Now, for approval, I submitted a bit of trivia on one of my favorite TWZ episode after the "JUMP!"
Richard Matheson's Little Girl Lost

Little Girl Lost

Original air date May 18, 1962
Season 3
Episode 91
Directed by Paul Stewart
Written by Richard Matheson
Music by Bernard Herrmann

  • Robert Sampson - Chris Miller
  • Sarah Marshall - Ruth Miller
  • Tracy Stratford - Tina Miller
  • Rhoda Williams - Tina's Voice
  • Charles Aidman - Bill 
The last two years has been tough on The Twilight Zone alumni. We had the misfortune of losing Ray Bradbury last year. This year, we lost Richard Matheson. Two very influential writers. Richard Matheson's shorty story, I am Legend, is the inspiration for most of modern horror which includes George Romero's Night of the Living Dead. Matheson's characters are well fleshed out and usually has many interesting things to say either through dialogue or action. I am Legend is definitely a good example of that but, Matheson can also juggle multiple characters as with Hell House. A gifted writer with some pretty far out ideas and we see this in Little Girl Lost.

Matheson presents a very interesting concept in this 1962 teleplay with an inter-dimensional door way. It's a pretty simple story about a little girl falling out of bed and accidentally rolling into another dimension. Pretty simple, right? Given only a running time of 25min, the episode used every minute masterfully from creating the mystery to rescuing the little girl. The theory on how the door way came to be reminds me a lot of Stephen King's Dark Tower doors and "thinnies." King did say he was influenced by Matheson.

The inspiration for Little Girl Lost came from Matheson's real life experience. His daughter fell off her bed one night while sleeping and rolled under. When Matheson's wife heard their daughter crying, she went to check up on her but, couldn't find her. It was because their daughter had up against the wall under the bed.

This episode of the The Twilight Zone was the inspiration to a scene in Steven Spielberg's Poltergeist, where the little girl in the 1982 film was taken into another dimension.

Little Girl Lost was parodied in the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror VI when Homer got sucked into the 3rd dimension. This was the first time we get to see Simpsons characters as 3D Models.

Little Girl Lost will be airing on the Syfy channel at 4am EST July 5, 2013 during the TWZ Marathon.

Which episodes are your favorite? These are mine:

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