Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Doctor Who: Sillysparrowness Built a TARDIS

"Wibbly Wobbly Foldy"
Originally, I didn't want to add a screen shot but, Youtube keeps moving my picture thumbnail forward for some reason and at times, it just disappears entirely. Perhaps, it is the influence of the TARDIS?

Love can be excruciating. Especially love for a Blue Box. For me, it was also Windows Movie Maker Excruciating! Ugh! If Ninja Gaiden on the NES had taught me anything, it's patience and practice. If not for Ryu Hayabusa, I would have destroyed my monitor after the first few edits. I'm definitely convinced on getting a Mac. In any case, let's reflect on what a wise man once sang:

“It's all about The Triumph Of Intellect And Romance Over Brute Force And Cynicism”
–Craig Ferguson

That is why I love Doctor Who so much and, Murray Gold's composition, "I AM The Doctor" conveys this message in a fantastic way.

Last but not least, Thank you Sillysparrowness for the inspiration! You can check out her original video in a previous post: Doctor Who: Build Your Own TARDIS

Happy Valentine's Day TARDIS!


Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

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