Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Last Airbender is Official

The official title for the new Avatar series is:

The Last Airbender
Legend of Korra

First off, I am super psyched that there will be more Avatar and it looks really good. I also don't mind that the Avatar name is missing from the title. What I do mind is the story behind why the "Avatar" name is missing. James Cameron did not want the Nick Toon to have the same name as his 3D movie about blue cat people. I did enjoy the blue cat people movie and thought the 3D was amazing but, the movie was hardly original (I'm being generous here). So, if James Cameron's movie is not original, why stop other people from using the moniker "Avatar?" Throw rocks at glass houses much? I mean, the first Avatar series was produced by Nick Toons before James Cameron's movie. Also, people have been using the word "Avatar" for ages! I guess with enough money you can be anything.

Anyway, there's still no release date for The Last Airbender: The Legend of Korra but, knowing that it's just around the corner makes me extremely happy. I found out about this new trailer from:
Nerd Caliber on Facebook

Be sure to check them out for some cool news. You can also find them at:

Sit back, relax and try to ignore the narrator:

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