Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Doctor Who: The Snowmen - Christmas Special 2012

Christmas! Happy Christmas! Merry Christmas Have a Doctor Who Christmas! The Doctor Who Christmas Special, The Snowmen will be on BBCA tonight at 9pm EST. The Doctor will meet his new companion on tonight's special, Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman). Wait, was her name Oswin? Technically, he did meet her, Oswin in Asylum of the Daleks. Why is her name Clara? Anyway, I guess we'll find out as Series 7 develops. Also, keep your ears open and see if you can figure out who's voicing the Snowmen. There are two prequel clips that leads up to the special and you can find the links to them below:

The Great Detective

Madame Vastra Investigates

Here's some Doctor Who Christmas music for you. Below is a video of the Doctor Who Fan Orchestra's sixth performance: "A Christmas Carol (Suite)."

If you would like to hear the full version of the lovely "Abigail's Song", feel free to follow the link on the bottom to my previous post. I've also included lyrics:

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