Friday, December 21, 2012

12/12/2012 End of the World! or Street Fighter X Mega Man

So you made it past the initiation part of the Apocalypse. You escaped the super quakes, tsunami of blood and the hell fire raining down from the skies. You've managed to safely barricade yourself from the undead horde. Great!

Before we continue, here's a link to some helpful tips when dealing with zombies. Remember, safety first, always:
Danger! 50,000 Zombies (full 26min)

But what do you do when things starts to slow down and you get all comfy and bored? Not to worry. Just in time for the Apocalypse, a Street Fighter/Mega Man fan developed a pretty awesome game where worlds collide! The game was so awesome that Capcom officially licensed it. And this game is: Street Fighter X Mega Man!

Why play this over the new games with better graphics and sound and quite possibly better game play? Because 2012 is the 25th Anniversary of Street Fighter and Mega Man and it's for FREE! Happy Birthday!!! Which coincides being in the same year as the End of the World. 2012 is definitely special!

Here's where you can download Street Fighter X Mega Man:

I hope you're having as much fun during the Apocalypse as I am!

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