Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Doctor Who: 12yr12mo12dy12hr12min12dw

Doctor Who: Ultimate 50th Anniversary Trailer
Well maybe not the 12th Doctor yet but, there are rumors that there will be a regeneration around 2014:

From the Sun:
MATT SMITH will keep playing Doctor Who until at least 2014

There is an interesting fact about 12/12/2012 though. The next time that the year, month and day will be the same number is in a thousand years. By that time we'll definitely know who the 12th Doctor is and who's to say that he doesn't already exist? Remember, wibbly wobbly, timey wimey. So, cheers to the 12th Doctor! And here's an awesome trailer done by TARDISELLIOT PRODUCTIONS that takes us back in time to reminisce with the 11 Doctors:

I can't wait to see what Steven Moffat and Matt Smith has installed for the 50th Anniversary Specials. Seems like such a long wait. The Christmas Special is only 12 days away and that seems like too long of a wait!

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