Saturday, December 29, 2012

Saturday Morning Cartoons 12/29/2012

Starting this week, I'm putting the embedded videos for the Saturday Morning Cartoons after the "JUMP!" It's because the embedded videos are causing the site to load slower. And this week we have four videos.

I've included the intro to Adventures Of The Little Koala and two episodes (10 min each):
  • The Old Clock Tower (episode 1a)
  • Mingle Takes A Dive (episode 1b)
For the Real Ghostbusters we have episode 2: Killerwatt. An electric ghost haunts New York City and ultimately possess Ecto-1.

So, grab some Mr. T cereal. Don't forget the milk or he'll pity the fool! Because milk does a body good! And let's watch some Saturday Morning Cartoons:

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