Monday, June 25, 2012

Street Fighter IV Tournament at Game On! (2012)

Back in my day, I took a 30 min bus ride to Captain Nemo's at Kenmore to challenge people at Street Fighter II. We didn't have 32bit systems back then. We didn't have Xboxes or PS3's... We didn't have the internet or online gaming back in my day. We challenged our opponents face to face. Usually one machine per venue, two men (or women, I'd seen girls playing Street Fighter II) insert coin, one man gets KO'ed! By machine I mean arcade cabinet just in case you youngsters don't know what I'm talking about. If the machine was already occupied by 2 players, I'd place my quarter on the nook at the bottom of the screen to show that I'm going next. Sometimes real fights would break out when people go out of queue order or if they felt like they'd been defeated in a cheap way (the jab and throw technique was considered cheap). Back in my day, neither rain, snow nor sleet I'd make my trek out to Kenmore to challenge people at Street Fighter II.

On Saturday, June 30, 2012 Replay'd is bringing that experience back in the form of Street Fighter IV. For me, I'm geeting a whiff of nostalgic pizza while "shoryuken!" and "sonic boom!" is ringing in my head. This time I won't be challenging anyone though. My time has passed, it's a whole new world now. I'm not as good as I was during the Street Fighter II days. This time the game is more well known, the venue is bigger and the stakes are higher. The Tournament will be at:

Game On (Fenway)
June 30, 2012

Game on is literally right next to Fenway Park. And I think the prize is money or something like that. Back in my day, my only reward was to crush my enemies and see them driven before me! Also, I'd be happy if I had enough bus fair by the end of my Street Fighting day.

Below are links to information for the Replayd SFAE Tournament in Boston at Game On. Game Underground of Framingham, MA will be there but, correct me if I'm wrong, I think the sponsor is Replayd of Allston, MA. I'm not sure how to register tournament. Maybe give Game Underground or Replayd can help with that?

In the mean time check out this pretty good web series about a former Street Fighter player getting back into the game. Kind of reminds me of Rocky:

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