Thursday, June 7, 2012

Prometheus: Happy Birthday Joel!

I thought Prometheus' first David 8 promo video was creepy (Prometheus: More Promos!). This one gave me goosebumps. Check out Fassbender's David 8 crying without emotion at 1:20. No wait, that's not David! It's Joel McHale of The Soap and Community! Well, it's still creepy when Joel cries without emotion at 1:20:

What is Prometheus' flaw? Why do so many critics not like it? The biggest complaint is that it's like the TV show Lost. It introduces a lot of ideas and opens up a lot of mysteries but fails to answer them at the end of the film. In any case, I'm still super excited about Prometheus. I will be watching it this coming Friday (June 8, 2012) at the IMAX 3D. I know I will at least like the art direction and the cinematography... and Michael Fassbender... and Charlize Theron... and Idris Elba... and Noomi Rapace... There's a TV spot with TIme Magazine calling Promethues "The most anticipated event of the summer." I have to disagree with that one. What about The Dark Knight Rises? That's been anticipated since the release of The Dark Knight. No one cared for Prometheus at first and some people still thinks it's superfluous. Also, it's not summer yet! I guess Times Magazine is more excited than I am, they even forgot which season we're in.

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