Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Twilight Zone Marathon July 4th 2012

Hello TWZ fans! SyFy will be marathoning The Twilight Zone on July 4th again this year. Of all the weird decisions that this channel makes, I am glad that they keep the tradition of The Twilight Zone Marathons. Let's hope this tradition will continue. Although, during the TWZ New Year's Marathon the episodes were heavily edited and there were a ton of commercials in between. Some of the endings were even cut before Rod Serling could finish his closing narrations. Then there were times when the closing narrations were played along with the audible advertisements which splits the screen and overshadows Rod Serling's voice. If we stop watching and supporting the TWZ marathons because of the annoying ads, will SyFy stop showing the ads or will SyFy cancel the The Twilight Zone altogether? Maybe another channel might be interested in picking this up? I wish I have enough finances to start my own... a TRUE SCI-FI CHANNEL! Anyway, the TWZ Marathon on July 4th 2012 will start at 8am EST on SyFy. Probe 7 Over and Out will launch us into the 5th dimension. The marathon will end at 5am EST July 5th, after the conclusion of The Little People. Below is a link to SyFy's July 4th schedule. I recommend not clicking on it unless you necessarily need to see the schedule because, the ads play automatically with sound (there are flash blockers out there to prevent this).

The Twilight Zone Marathon July 4th 2012 schedule on SyFy: schedule

For approval, I submitted a bit of trivia on Ray Bradbury's I Sing the Body Electric after the "JUMP!"

I Sing the Body Electric

Original air date May 18, 1962
Season 3
Episode 100
Directed by James Sheldon and William Claxton
Written by Ray Bradbury
Music by Nathan Van Cleave

  • Josephine Hutchinson - Grandma 
  • David White - Father 
  • Veronica Cartwright - Anne (age 11) 
  • Susan Crane - Anne (age 19) 
  • Charles Herbert - Tom (age 12) 
  • Paul Nesbitt - Tom (age 20)
  • Dana Dillaway - Karen (age 10)
  • Judy Morton - Karen (age 18)
  • Vaughn Taylor - Salesman
  • Doris Packer - Nedra

I Sing the Body Electric is the 100th episode of The Twilight Zone written by Ray Bradbury which was later turned into a short story with the same name. The title of the story was inspired by a Walter Whitman poem, "I Sing the Body Electric." Rod Serling intended for Ray Bradury's involvement in TWZ to be much greater than just contributing one story. There were production problems with a couple of Ray Bradbury's stories which were in consideration at the time. "Here There Be Tygers" was one of the considered but The technology wasn't there yet in the early 60's for a TV adaptation. "A Miracle of Rare Device" was even assigned a Director, Tony Leader (Long Live Walter Jameson, The Midnight Sun) but at the end it was scrapped. I Sing the Body Electric even had difficulties in production. It went through a couple of rewrites. Work on the episode started in 1961 and didn't finish until 1962. Rod Serling grew up reading Ray Bradbury and TWZ was heavily influenced by the author (Bradbury) but, why did only one story appear in TWZ? This is what Rod Serling had to say about the difficulties of adapting Bradbury's writing to film:

"Ray Bradbury is a very difficult guy to dramatize, because that which reads so beautifully on the printed page doesn't fit in the mouth-it fits in the head. And you find characters saying the things that Bradbury's saying and you say, 'Wait a minute, people don't say that.'"

Ray Bradbury was supposed to be as involved with TWZ as much as Charles Beaumont (The Living Doll) and Richard Matheson (I Am Legend). In a way, he was. According to Richard Matheson, Ray Bradbury inspired and encouraged both his (Matheson) and Beaumont's writing. Ray Bradbury also left an impression on the TWZ landscape. A "Dr. Bradbury" was in The Walking Distance and "the Bradbury Account" was mentioned in A Stop at Willoughby. It wasn't until the 1980's that Ray Bradbury's stories showed up more on Television. The revival of The Twilight Zone in 1985 featured some of his writings and, in that same year Bradbury had his own show, The Ray Bradbury Theater.

"I Sing the Body Electric" featured a child actor that most of us had seen before in her adult years: Veronica Cartwright. She played young Anne in the TWZ episode. 17 years later, she gets stuck on the Nostromo with a Xenomorph in Alien. That's a little bit of TWZ/Alien/Prometheus tie in. I Sing the Body Electric will be airing on the Syfy channel at 2pm EST July 4th 2012 during the TWZ Marathon.

Which episodes are your favorite? These are mine:


  1. My Favorite Episodes are:
    "Twenty Two" Season 2 Episode 53
    "Perchance to Dream" Season 1, Episode 9
    "The Midnight Sun" Season 3, Episode 10

    1. "Room for one more, honey?" I think the woman who says that in "Twenty Two" is the same woman who shows up in the dream in "Perchance to Dream?" It was tough to pick my favorites!

    2. How about The Grave and The Passerby.

    3. I liked The Grave a lot too. I read stories like The Grave before knowing about that episode. It was a pleasant surprise to see a story like that on TWZ. The Passerby is like a slow burn. Once I figured out who the "passerby's" were it was pretty creepy.