Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Walking Dead Finale That I Wanted With CoCo

Conan O'Brien "Dead Yourself"
Hi everyone! If you've noticed, I've been away for a while. It was a combination of work and personal life that kept me away from blogging. In other words, it was procrastination. If you didn't notice, that's ok, no skin off your back or my back. We can all keep our skins!

What brings me back? My dissatisfaction with The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale. Oh man! What were they thinking? All that build up and no delivery. Season 3 started off with the vigorous shaking of the soda can... You shake and shake that soda can as hard as you can in the beginning. Then during mid season, you give it to your thirsty friend, "hey buddy, you thirsty?" The build up as he takes the shaken can... the tension as he lifts that tab... then the Finale! The pay off! And it fizzes... flat... nothing happens. In fact, he drinks the soda and then complains to you that it's bad soda. Fuck you Walking Dead Soda... fuck you...

Anyway, here's what I think would be a better finale. Maybe it's not but, Merle is alive and he shoots Andy:

Ok, maybe that wasn't the best candidate for The Walking Dead Finale because, of the lack of zombies. If you want Conan O'Brien interacting with zombies, there's also this:

Ok, maybe there are no Zombies in Resident Evil 6 either.

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