Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday Morning Cartoons 1/26/2013

Oh man! Have we got a treat for you this week!

This week on the Adventures Of The Little Koala, the show breaks formula by making the two 10min segments into one 20min story. In the first part, The Mysterious Moa Bird, "Papa" Koala has an obsession for capturing the elusive Moa Bird on camera. Their very own cryptid. Then the story continues into the second part, Love That Baby Moa!, Roobear and his friends finds a way to help the endangered baby Moa.
  • The Mysterious Moa Bird (episode 5a)
  • Love That Baby Moa! (episode 5b)

Then we have a very cool episode of The Real Ghostbusters written by Michael Reaves. The Ghostbusters are hired by two kids who are terrorized by the Boogieeman living in their closet. One of the best episodes in the series. This is where The Real Ghostbusters found its stride. The amazing Frank Welker, who voiced Megatron and Soundwave on Transformers and many other cartoon characters is the Bogieeman. He also does Slimer's voice.
  • The Boogieman Cometh (episode 6)

Thanks again to victorianemer52's channel and ImmaQuackerJack for sharing these.

All after the "JUMP!"

A compilation of cereal commercials!

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